In the city of San Juan, two minors were arrested today after attempting to burglarize a home.

The suspects are now facing charges; Mauricio Razo has this exclusive story.

The witness tells us that she was scared for her life and learned a valuable lesson after the two thieves attempted to steal from her house while she was inside.

Victoria Romero was in her room when two individuals burst inside her home without permission…Feelings of fear ran coursing through her veins.

“One of the guys got really close to the room where I was and I honestly thought something bad was going to happen.”

According to San Juan police the two boys were attempting to flee with electronics from the house when they were arrested by police. Police say these suspects might be connected to other burglaries in the area.

“We were able to apprehend two juveniles that might have been responsible for other burglary of habitation in the south side. So right now they are being processed and are in custody.”

No one was injured in this case and Victoria learned her lesson.