An investigation is underway after claims of sexual assault against two 4-year-olds at a Pharr Elementary school.

Officials confirm today, they’re looking into the allegations. I spoke to the mother of one of the children who claims he was assaulted.

“My son has been affected, and nothing has been done.”

Maria Torres says her four-year-old son has been sexually assaulted by a teacher and teacher’s aide at Carmen Anaya Elementary school in Pharr. Pharr investigators confirm they are looking into allegations of sexual assault against two four year olds, but have not released the names of victims or suspects.

“They would hit him… They would touch his body.”

Torres tells me, she pulled her son out of school, after finding out last Thursday when her son told her that his teacher and the teacher’s aide sexually assaulted him and another child in a bathroom, then bribed them with candy not to say anything. Torres says she spoke to the principle to get answers, only to be told the incident is under investigation. Now’s she’s taking her fight outside the school…

“The principal has stayed quiet, and hasn’t told the parents anything.”

Juan Antonio Pena has four children who attend Carmen Anaya Elementary. He drove over to the school after hearing the news, but it wasn’t from school officials.

Pena: “I heard it on the radio station…”
Hannah: “So the school hasn’t told you anything?”
Pena: “No, I heard it on the radio station.”
At this point there are more questions than answers but we do know that Pharr PD and Texas Department of Child Protective services are investigating. We reached out to the school for further comment as the investigation continues.