The man inside was able to escape just moments after the roof had engulfed in flames.

This video sent to us by a Fox 2 viewer driving by as the home burst into flames. Moments later as firefighters we’re still battling the blaze.

Seventy-two year old William Kemp was inside his home when a neighbor banged on his door and told him to get out.

“When the guy was banging on the door said you’re house was on fire. I was watching TV at the time about,” explains Kemp.

It took hours for firefighters to control and put out the fire. The house declared a total by the Mission Fire department.

“This was my saving grace and it just went down the tubes,” says Kemp.

William lived by himself along with six cats, that he says are still missing.

“I’m more chocked out about that i am for that,” adds Kemp.

Emotions running high for Kemp as he fears the worst for his animals. According to the mission fire department, the fire started after an electric overload, which they say can during the summer and asking people to take precautions.

“Have an electrician check your wiring and make sure you don’t use a lot of electricity during the day,” says Rene Lopez, Mission chief firefighter.

Kemp is receiving assistance from the Red Cross and will be staying with his brother.