In Edinburg, another terroristic threat was issued at Robert Vela High School.

It’s the second one in a week. One student tried to alert his classmates.

More than two thousand students and staff were evacuated from Robert Vela High School this morning.

An attending student says criminal acts should never be taken for granted.

“Did you post this?”
“Yes mam…”
“Because there were rumors going around that yesterday was a threat , and today was the actual bombing.”
“Where did you hear it?”
“Through a social media post.”

The 18-year-old students says his mother saw the terrorist attack threat posted on a local Facebook page…and alerted him to come home. She also instructed him to stay home today.

Today, the bomb threat protocol was activated once again.

“We deployed or special response team, or K-9 handlers and extra officers to do a bomb sweep of the school… we are in collaboration with the FBI to use their resources to investigate social media contacts.”