That’s right a rollover and numerous other car accidents have resulted in serious injuries and in one case, a fatality involving human smuggling.
Within the last couple of months the number of accidents related to human trafficking has increased dramatically in South of Texas.
In the month of November alone, five immigrants originating from Mexico lost their lives in a police pursuit in Falfurrias.
A similar incident occurred yesterday in Edinburg near the intersection of Mon Mack and Monte Cristo streets where fortunately no lives were lost, but several people were injured.
The white van was said to be carrying 17 people when it lost control and turned over. Two of the immigrants are still hospitalized which is why border patrol spokesman Daniel Tirado emphasizes the dangers immigrants expose themselves to while attempting to cross the border illegally,
He says that even if the police are not pursuing the vehicles the immigrants are crossing in.
The simple fact that while they are being transported to their destination they are trying to do it so quickly that they end up speeding which is what caused these accidents. Those types of vehicles are also not equipped to carry that many people at once and there are not enough seat belts to keep everyone safe.
Authorities also told us that the driver is currently in custody and the rest of the passenger are being deported to their country of origin
The passengers involved in this accident are reported to be from Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras.