It takes a bold suspect to attempt an armed robbery in broad daylight, and that’s what happened in the city of Edinburg. But this time the victim wasn’t as cooperative as they would have liked, and officials say this type of incident is not common in the city.

An armed robbery Monday, just before 12 p.m.,has put an Edinburg neighborhood on alert. According to investigators, a 22-year-old male driving a Ford Ranger truck was allegedly held up by 21-year-old Andrew Villarreal at the intersection of 16th St. and Schunior Rd. with a handgun demanding money.

“Also as part of the investigation the officers did recover the alleged weapon used in this crime, which fortunately turned out to be a pellet gun,” said Edinburg Police Lt. Oscar Trevino,

Even so, Villarreal had to face the law, charged with aggravated robbery and given a bond of $100,000. Investigators say his capture was thanks to the victim’s, as well as witness– descriptions.

“We were scared that he could attack us because he looked very suspicious,” said one witness. “He would touch himself as if he had something under his jacket, and since his jacket was loose, it seemed he was holding something. Then when he left we called police and three patrol units drove by, that’s when he ran and crossed the street.”

It is believed this happened right before the alleged assault, where the victim– instead of giving into the assailant’s demands– hits the gas, fleeing the scene. This is something not recommended by authorities.

“There is nothing you have in your wallet, there is nothing you have in your purse, there is nothing you have in your vehicle that is more valuable than your life,” said Trevino. “So, compliance is very important; and while you are complying with this, at the same token, you can start working on getting a good description of the suspect that is robbing you.”

Police add that a second person of interest is in custody. Charges may be filed pending the outcome of an investigation.