EDINBURG (KFXV) — Residents of a neighborhood contacted officials after illegal dumping has many in the area concerned. Residents say they are tired of this situation and ask that authorities take action to keep this from happening.

A vacant lot near the intersection of Rogers and Juan streets in Edinburg is not so vacant after all – there are tires, fragments of what was once a white-picket fence and garbage scattered throughout.

A neighborhood resident says he’s called the city several times to complain about this matter.

He adds he’s concerned with the accumulation of trash which only attracts rodents, snakes and other small animals – pointing out how tires left on the street create a potential hazard for children that walk to school.

Another neighbor says she worries this will prompt the growth and spread of mosquitoes along with the disease they carry with them.

We contacted the city and though they were not available for an on-camera interview, they did mention there were no records of any complaints filed by residents associated with illegal trash dumping in this area.

The city said they would be sending a crew to remove the trash, but would like to remind the community that they can report illegal trash dumping by calling the solid waste management at (956) 381- 5635.