The Edinburg criminal investigation division were spotted this afternoon outside this house located at 900th E. Sprague Street. Officers blocked off access to the home with yellow tape as they collected evidence. Police did not reveal what triggered the investigation except for saying that it is related to the unattended death of an elderly man named George Parker. Parker was described as a person of faith and a mentor for many including his neighbors, who are left wondering if he was a victim of a crime.

Parker was a professor and dean at the RGV Bible Institute in Edinburg, where he met Gordon Johnson over 60 years ago. Johnson, one of the leaders at the institute, says he last saw his friend about 6 years ago, when he noticed a sudden change. Both Johnson and Parker’s neighbor tell us he was left under the care of his daughter Peggy, who they say rarely let anyone see him.

Johnson says he knew the family well and knew his friend was not receiving great care but does not suspect Parker’s daughter did anything intentional to harm him. However, he says he’s glad, in a way,that his friend is in a better place.