An ordinance that took effect yesterday, will affect restaurants and bars throughout the city of Edinburg.

The measure will restrict anyone in the city from being able to smoke in public spaces.

The city of Edinburg already had a smoking ban ordinance. It was not until yesterday that city officials pushed for all public places to be smoke free.

This is the sound that people will not be able to hear in restaurants and bars in Edinburg.

“We’re really trying to protect the health and safety and welfare of the community. So it is a comprehensive smoke free ordinance.”

Felipe says his business has picked up ever since they banned smoking back in January in his establishment.

“Our business has picked up, we’ve seen more of the people coming on the weekends, more environments, and it’s been a positive effect.”

However David Lee thinks people should have designated areas that allow smoking.

“The people that do smoke should have an area, a smoking area.”

The ordinance passed on the first of December. The city will take 30-45 days to notify all cities and let their customers know of the smoking ban.

After this period expires, city officials will begin to enforce the ordinance on residents. If you want more information on this ban you can call (956) 388-8204