Elected officials have always being held accountable to a higher standard of conduct, but what happens when they end up taking advantage of their position and break the law?

Commissioner elections in Edcouch  are right around the corner.

You would think those who want to to be elected are doing their best to keep a reputable image.

Not in the case of Jose Concepcion Hinojosa, Jr. who was arrested Tuesday for tampering with a water meter and theft.

It all started when a new water ordinance for the city came into place says chief of police eloy cardenas.

As it turns out hinojosa had not been paying for his water service for about six months.

Cardenas says justice will be served.

In relations to the crime another there has been two arrest warrants for current Commissioner Noe Garcia, Jr. who is accused of stealing money from the city.

Resident mary casa says no one is above the law.

There has a $5,000 bail put out for Jose Concepcion Hinojosa, Jr. and no word if he is will be dropped from the from the November 5th election ballot.