DONNA (KFXX) — Local statistics of HIV infections prompt experts and school personnel to unite in providing education and support for teens more than ever before.
Oscar Lopez, Director of Education at the Valley AIDS Council, said, “Right now, we get four new HIV infections in the Valley every week, and every nine days, that infected person is a teenager.”
The Donna Independent School District is the first in the Valley to enter into an agreement with the Valley AIDS Council (VAC) to offer awareness presentations in an effort to prevent students from acquiring HIV, AIDS, or other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
Lopez added, “It’s really important for us to get this information to them now at this age, so that we can prevent kids, young adults from getting infected from something that’s going to change their lives forever.”
Sixth graders from Solis Middle School gathered at the campus gym to hear from an expert, Rosa Maria Campos, the district’s Health Services Directors who says this knowledge is crucial to the students’ well-being.
“Just like reading, writing, science, language arts, that’s important for their future, we want to give them information on how to prevent STDS, HIV, and AIDS. So, they can have a bright future,” Campos said.
Students — eager to learn — listened and asked questions throughout the presentation. They shared how this information helps them.
The Valley AIDS Council hopes other school districts will follow Donna ISD’s footsteps and offer their students the same powerful information.