EDINBURG (KFXV) — Prosecutors continue to present evidence in the case against Sandy Hernandez accused of the homicide of her newborn baby. We warn you the following images are graphic in nature. This was the appearance of the newborn when he arrived at the McAllen Regional Hospital.The night of October 17th, 2014 with injuries to the his eyes, back, ribs and skull– emphasizing an injury that started from his skull and ended in his eye.

The mother, Sandy Hernandez, says after giving birth she fainted on her front yard collapsing with her baby in arms.

It was in the same place where paramedics found the baby completely by himself.
Today pathologist, Norma Jean Farley, presented this alarming evidence of the minor’s injuries–saying based on her studies and experience with children’s homicides,the newborn died from blunt force trauma to the head.

The accused mother Sandy Hernandez listened to the testimony in tears.

Farley also explained how the baby’s weight was average and suffered from no birth deformities, testifying a fall wouldn’t have caused the severe injuries on the child.–injuries she specified were not partial injuries but rather reached the bone.

The defense fighting to prove otherwise.

Hernandez’s boyfriend and father of the baby finally showed up to court, the judge warned him we will be arrested if he left the building given that he did not testify when he was instructed to by authorities.

He said he was never aware of Hernandez’s pregnancy or noticed a change in her body even though the couple was intimate days before the baby was born.

Tomorrow the final decision in this case will be given and Sandy Hernandez will learn her fate. If sentenced she could face up to life in prison.