Research shows that you can too improve your brain memory, slow down brain shrinkage and possibly fight off Alzeimer’s at any age man Fox 2 has your tips.

Health experts say to take a DHA supplement. This omega three fatty acid makes up a significant part of your brain tissue.

Taking DHA will increase blood blow to the brain, reduce inflammation and can fight off plaque build up associated with Alzheimers.

Next is to stimulate your brain by switching up your routine. It could be as simple as wearing your watch on the opposite arm or brushing your teeth with the other hand to stimulate other brain regions.

Do pushups. Experts say doing as few as 7 proper form pushups a day can increase brain blood flow and generate new blood cells to fight off cognitive disease.

And last, stop stressing. High stress levels produce the hormone cortisol in the brain, which can kill brain cells. Relaxation exercises like deep breathing can help to lower high cortisol levels.