Department of homeland security has moved to start collecting information and all immigrants via social platforms.

The new ruling set to go into effect on October 18th calls for social media surveillance on immigrants, which many fear is information that could be used against them.

“This is concerning because we share personal information with our friends, personal pictures, our political point of view. I want to make sure that this isn’t a way to target people that don’t agree with what that official is saying” – Abraham Diaz (Dreamer)

The new rule could also affect residents and naturalized citizens who communicate with immigrants on social media…

“I believe that government is very aware of the scare tactics that they might use. It’s not all about approving laws and enforcing the laws. It’s how you make people feel.” – Alejandro San Miguel (Immigration Attorney)

The same information will be used to complete profiles of visa applicants. Some experts believe, this is just another discrimination tactic against the immigrant community.

“Inside your house, you have that intimacy but in social media, unfortunately if you look at the fine print, you’re exposing yourself.” – Alejandro San Miguel (Immigration Attorney)

Said measures, could cause self-censorship and fear that the information could be used against them.

DHS is not releasing much information, other than saying this is not a new ruling and every measure they take is only in the best interest of the country.