SAN BENITO (KFXV) — Authorities confirm a vehicle accident takes yet another life in our area. Right now officials are working to identify the official cause of this incident.
A man of approximately 20 years of age loses his life on expressway 83 today.
According to the San Benito Police Department this red pickup truck crashed into this utility unit swiping the expressway at the time of the accident.
The impact was so strong the pickup truck bounced back after hitting the utility unit hitting two other vehicles.
The driver of the pickup truck was declared dead at the scene after his vehicle was completely destroyed.
The condition of the other two drivers is reported as stable with several injuries to their bodies.
Lieutenant Morales with San Benito PD says they are getting several reports stating the victim was distracted while driving.They are considering that is could be an incident of texting and driving.
Officials are highlighting the message on how putting any distractions away and focusing on the road could prevent a tragedy. It could save lives.
The identity of the victim has yet to be released. Authorities are trying to notify his family members before releasing his name.