It’s proving to be a busy period for Customs and Border Protection officers.

This, as thousands of dollars in drugs is seized as they were crossed into the U.S. Mauricio Razo has the details.

Agents seized narcotics in three different occasions. In one case, marijuana was discovered in a shipment of tomatoes.

The seizure happened at the Pharr International Bridge. Authorities found the drugs when the commercial shipment went through a secondary inspection. 396 pounds of marijuana with an approximate value of $479,000 in the black market were seized.

In another similar case, but at the international bridge in hidalgo, officials detained a 39-year-old woman. The woman was driving a Honda Accord when the non-intrusive imaging system discovered 46 pounds of methamphetamine inside the vehicle… Valued at $644,000.

The last case happened on the Pharr International Bridge, when agents were conducting a secondary inspection of a Ford Ranger.

Inside the vehicle, 13 pounds of cocaine valued at $98,000 were seized. In this last case, a 35 year old man with Mexican nationality was detained. He will face charges in federal court. Reporting for FOX 2 News Mauricio Razo.