As you say the price is often too high for immigrant women as they are becoming victims of crimes that often times go unreported.
It is almost impossible to be able to determine how many immigrants cross the U.S.-Mexico border each year according a recent study, in 2013, the border patrols Rio Grande Valley sector reported over 154,000 immigrant apprehensions.
However a topic that is often left in the shadows and that affects immigrants, is the number of women who become victims of sexual assault as they’re being smuggled into the country illegally.
Because of the lack of evidence or women who don’t speak up authorities aren’t able to determine an exact number of victims.
Official say that investigations often times don’t lead to arrests and although victims are treated they will still precede with deportation.
Border patrol agencies are working closely with consulates to try to reduce the number of women who become targets of sexual assault and to bring justice to women who have already been victimized.