A tradition within many families this holiday season is the thrill of having fireworks.
But with all the excitement, it’s easy to forget about taking the right precautions. Emma Barrera has more in tonight’s Fox 2 Special Report.

With Christmas and New Year’s, fireworks are one of the most popular attractions, but when not handled carefully, these can be very dangerous.

Fireworks stands opened their doors on December 20th and like each and every year, the young and old head out to purchase the stunning illuminations. However with all the fun you may have, it’s still important to practice safety when handling fireworks.
Eric Sanchez, interim fire marshal for Hidalgo county, tells Fox 2 even though not all fires are caused by fireworks, their department is preparing to fight any flames.

As noted by the experts, it’s also recommended to monitor the weather in case of high winds and extreme humidity.