EDINBURG (KFXV) — Today is World Water Day and while this precious liquid is vital to survive, today, there are still valley residents who don’t have access to these basic services.
This is the story of the Espinoza family, whose story we brought you two weeks ago.
Fox Reporter, Maricela De La Cruz spoke to county officials and brings us the latest in this case.

It’s been more than two decades of daily struggle for the Espinoza’s without the appropriate running water services provided to them but now, they’re a step closer to making that a reality.

On March 10th, Fox News came in contact with the Espinoza Family– while covering floods in rural areas due to heavy rainfall.

They were facing a double-challenge– storm water swamping their property and a lack of water services in their rural Edinburg, home.

Officials with Hidalgo County Precinct Three say they were unaware of this situation. Also admitting that the lack of resources is in part a smaller resident count in the area.

Right away, Agent Victor Gallardo, met today with the espinoza’s to speak about moving forward with this case.
A move that would save them several trips a month.

But while the project begins, the family will continue their daily routine.

The family now has to find a way to pay for those services, if you’d like to help them out you can call (956) 661-6116, for more information.