La Joya (KFXV) — Images show a woman and a minor being detained by Border Patrol agents at a middle of a baseball game at the city’s sport complex. Border patrol clearing things up as to why they took a migrant women a child into custody.

Tonight Border Patrol officials sent an email clarifying what happened during the incident caught on cell phone video.

These are the images shot by Frances Salinas as she witnesses the arrest showing this woman desperately looking into her purse after agents can be heard asking her for documentation, as the first baseball game is played at the city’s sport complex.

In a statement, Border Patrol officials say “Agents witnessed a woman and three children walking out of the brush into the nearby stands of a baseball field. ”

Officials say the woman claims she took the children to the brush to go to the bathroom, adding during the conversation they determine the woman and one of the children were in the United States illegally.

A local organization fighting for immigrant rights is now asking for further explanation.

Border Patrol officials say the woman and child were processed and released as part of their policies and will await their day in immigration court.