MCALLEN (KFXV) — After almost two months since a deadly bus crash accident in Laredo, none of the victims have not received any compensation, according to attorneys.

An attorney representing five victims in this case says insurance funds are running out, leaving victim’s families and those injured waiting for compensation.

Stacks of of medical bills are piling up in the office of lawyer, John David Franz; who represents five people injured in the the deadly bus crash that happened in Laredo on May 14th. He tells us that some of the clients are being left out of the five million dollar settlement.

This because he says the insurance company representing “OGA Charter Bus LLC” will only pay small groups of clients.

Franz and another group of attorneys are seeking alternatives. Their alternative will freeze payments to anyone.

According to Franz, there has been no compensation to any of the victims in this case and it could take months before there could be some type of agreement.

Tomorrow, Franz says, he and a group of lawyers will meet with a federal bankruptcy judge to see how they can proceed.