Now the valley has been seeing a stream of cold fronts and we’ve all been doing their best to keep warm.

But it’s important not to forget your plants and animals as well.
With temperatures dropping 20 to 30 degrees below average in the rgv your four-legged family members will need some extra attention.

Just like people a pet’s tolerance for the cold varies.

“Well for our outside dogs and cats it’s real important when it’s cold like this for them to have shelter to be able to get out of the wind. It’s the wind that really saps our heat,” explains dr. Bruce Gram, Palmvalley animal shelter vet

“We as pet owners it’s up to us to take care of them because they are a part of our family,” adds dr. Gram.

Veterinarian Bruce Gram has some tips on how to protect them this winter season.

1. Put them inside or in the garage at night, when the cold weather is most severe.

2. A dog house or a card board box can also work anything to block the wind.

3. Place blankets on the ground to block the cold concrete.

4. Keep them warm with old clothing or tailored animal apparel.

As for plants be sure to shelter them by wheeling them into a garage or porch. Old blankets or tarps can work too but be sure to secure them so they won’t blow away.

Lastly, water them generously so they can retain some of the day’s heat into the night.

“It’s not so much the cold but the ice and that’s why i protect my plants,” says Elva Martinez, plant owner.

With another cold front headed our way. Be sure to have these tips handy to keep your plants and animals happy and safe.