Today, instead of your average ribbon cutting ceremony, a fruit slicing event took place to kick off the produce season.

Fresh fruit straight from across the border was cut by officials from the City of Pharr to initiate the beginning of produce season. Other than the produce itself, the event also covered the Pharr International Bridge on  business and trade.

Last year around $26.48M worth of goods crossed through the Pharr bridge, produce included. Although the process of growing these fruits and vegetables is not taking place entirely in the RGV, it is definitely bringing economic growth.

The Pharr Produce District will consist of several phases, the first phase .90 acres of 100 percent produce related facilities and cold storage areas.

Although these plans are beneficial for the region, the problems it will face along the way go without saying.

The Pharr bridge is also in the planning stages of making it’s now four-lane roadways into eight to speed up crossing times for commercial and noncommercial traveling.