Now there’s about a week left until Christmas and the shopping that surrounds this holiday. If your buying toys this season here are some tips you might want to keep in mind

According to the consumer product safety commission there were an estimated 192,000 toy-related injuries to children younger than 15 years in 2012.

Which raises the question are consumers doing their research when purchasing toys for their loved ones?

“I always look at the age and make sure there’s no small items he can put in his mouth,” explains Josie Garcia / shopper

One tip that might help you decide if the item is safe is to first check the age range of the product.

You can usually find this information on the bottom righ t or left of the product.

Another tip: read the warning labels, this usually provides helpful information on what age group shouldn’t be handling these products.

Finally, watch out for those small accessories toys and games usually come with. Small children tend to place these items in their mouth and keep them from pets as well.

Another good tip is to check the consumer product safety commission’s website. Often to see if any toys on the market have been recalled for safety issues. For more information log on to