Pharr (KFXV) – Caught on camera; thieves making off with Christmas decorations off someone’s front lawn.

Take a look on your screen if you can see in the video to people taking Christmas lights and a second camera caught another subject is carrying an inflatable decoration that was still attached to a wall. This surveillance video provided by the Montes Family has been turned over to the Pharr Police Department who is reviewing images of those responsible.

Sergeant JP Rodriguez of the County Sheriff’s Department recommends not confronting thieves because they could be armed.

If you have information to help solve this case call Crime Stoppers at 780-4277

Police are asking residents to take precautionary measures because of that during holiday season. Thieves and vandals are often targeting home lawn ornaments and other decorations.

Keep your home safe this holiday season. Here are some tips.

  • Anchor decorations in the ground or to a nearby tree or solid structure.
  • Install motion-sensor lights or camera system.
  • Remove decorations each evening and secure them inside of your home.
  • Report suspicious activity to your local police department