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Valley Ecosystems

Established in 1943 as a Safe haven for migrating birds, this beautiful wildlife center might not be the biggest, but it certainly boasts some colorful visitors. While our visit was quite brief, our next stop definitely made up for it. If you want to visit the biggest swamp in south Texas, you can always head right down to Weslaco, Texas and be one with nature at the beautiful Estero Llano Grande Park. This isn’t your ordinary park. With a mix of wetlands, brush, plains, and trails, this park boasts hundreds of different species of wildlife. For all you bird...

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Part 1: The Weird World Of Sports

T The creations of humankind first crude tools to create, protect and kill. Than as more time passed, tools to farm grows and thrive. Than somewhere around 7000 thousand B.C. another creation, free time!!! For the first moment in human history there was a gap, a brief time away from constant work and struggle, out of this primordial ooze spawned the greatest invention human kind has ever known, sports! Professor Gregory Selber is an associate professor of communications at UTPA and he’s teaching a new class this semester on the history of sport and he sees humankind’s creative nature...

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Part 1: Breaking The Taboo

The Rio Grande Valley is a melting pot of cultures in Texas. Ancient customs are rooted in its border, from its languages to its beliefs. But there are also traditions that are practiced behind closed doors. Known only to those who practice and follow them for the rest they are considered myths or taboos. In his travel throughout the continent, he carries with him artifacts of a mystical tradition of ancient Mexican tribes. Rosenberg balboa is an interpreter of the Aztec and Mayan calendars as well as of codices of other Pre-Hispanic cultures. One of hundreds of divination tools...

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