Weslaco (KFXV) — The accident happened on Westgate and Milano. Both horses were hit and left for dead, with Teo Martinez known as the “Hidalgo County Cowboy” cleaning up what was left behind.

Martinez says the horses were both around 700 pounds with one ending up under a truck.

A helicopter combing the skies as traffic was at a stand still on Expressway 83, police and several ambulances arrived at the scene – the incident provoking a series of other accidents that caused no injuries.

Investigators says three vehicles crashed into the two horses, one of them giving birth after being run over. The colt did not survive

After the impact, one of the vehicles rolled over trapping three passengers inside. Firefighters were needed to free the three victims who were transported to the hospital. While a helicopter rushed another person to the ER in serious condition.

Teo Martinez says he couldn’t believe his eyes — the carnage of the horses and the amount of cars involved.

Martinez says rescuing animals in South Texas happens often. He himself saving the lives of around 70 animals per month but almost never on the expressway. He believes it’s likely the animals got scared and ended up running onto the expressway.
He says the most common reason for cattle to escape are:
– constant changes of habitat
-loud noises like fireworks, wind or people screaming
– and unsecured fences
Now the Weslaco Police Department is looking for the horse owners and two other people who fled from the scene on foot.
In this case, two horses were killed. Police are asking anyone with livestock to make sure they are secured — helping prevent these type of accidents and tragedies.