The San Antonio senator is confident that Valley veterans are behind her campaign, but veterans say they are so, as long as she keeps her promises.
Texas senator and candidate for lieutenant governor, Leticia Van De Putte visited the valley to speak at the American Legion of Veterans conference in McAllen, where she spoke of her political platform regarding those who have served the country.
In May, controversy surrounded the VA clinics after inefficiencies and backlogs became known, van de Putte has committed to improve the service, by offering educational opportunities to veterans and their families, providing counseling and therapy, improving care for not only serve men but also service women.
But such commitments have ended up being years of empty promises for Placido Salazar, in 2008 he was approached by-then-senator Obama during a campaign tour that he would promise a full VA hospital for the Valley.
For veterans here, primary care, such as surgeries and specialized treatment like oncology are only available in San Antonio.
Felix Rodriguez supports Salazar’s idea to add a VA hospital next to the new medical school in Edinburg and hopes the senator will consider it as well.
A word more than 1200 veterans in the valley expect turns into actions.
Van De Putte says that by electing her as lieutenant governor in November she will be given more power to be able to do more for veterans.