BROWNSVILLE (KFXV) — In Brownsville, a 50-year-old man is found dead with gunshot wound to his head at his business.

Authorities remained at the scene throughout the day gathering evidence and interviewing neighbors.

Brownsville police identified the victim as 50-year-old Jose Guadalupe Martinez. Martinez’ body was found in his place of business faced down with an injury, which according to authorities appears to be a gunshot wound to the head. The death is being investigated as a homicide.
One nearby resident tells us what he saw.

Police responded to a call at 7:50 pm Wednesday evening about a body inside a the business located at the 2400 block of U.S. Military Highway. Neighbors say they concerned but believe not much can be done other than remain vigilant.

The case is still under investigation, authorities are asking that anyone with information contact Brownsville Crime Stoppers at (956) 546-8477.