Today we spoke to the Brownsville fire department chief about certain accusations against him.

On August 14th a police report was filed against Brownsville fire chief Carlos Elizondo who has been in that position since May 2016. Elizondo spoke to us about certain rumors he tells us that he has been accused of stealing money and trying to fire employees. Elizondo said he knows that Jorge Lerma is the one with the accusations. Lerma is now the current president for the Firefighters Association of Brownsville.

“As we did our investigation, once we got elected, we found it there was some questionable use of those funds“ – Jorge Lerma

Some residents believe that a bad relationship between officials could be the problem in this situation.

At the moment, Elizondo assures us that rumors are just rumors and that he will continue to do his job as long as he is able to do so.

The investigation will continue, and you can count on Fox News South Texas to keep you updated.