With the recent effects of hurricane Harvey and now hurricane Irma on its way to the country residents of Brownsville are worried that the streets are not prepared to receive a natural phenomenon like a hurricane. They say that even with a little rain, the streets already flood rapidly.

Residents of the area around southmost and 30th street se their neighborhoods would be greatly affected if any type of storm would occur.

Authorities are currently working on creating preventive measures throughout all the areas that accumulate water when it rains, specifically on Southmost street, where various people have expressed concern.

“Floods don’t happen that often. What happens is water accumulates when you receive two, three, or four inches of rain during half an hour. Obviously anywhere in the city will receive an accumulation. The drainage systems are prepared to be able to move and make the water flow.” – Brownsville Commissioner Ricardo Longoria

Brownsville Commissioner Ricardo Longoria also indicated that while many people report that there is flooding in the area, they don’t report on the fact that it goes away pretty quickly.