Plans for constructing the border wall continue and the National Butterfly Center in Mission states the federal government has been tearing down some of their vegetation construction without their permission.

“Government has been working on planning and preparing for construction of the border wall in this region for about 6 months in secret” – Marianna Trevino Wright

Marianna Trevino Wright, The executive director of the 100-acre butterfly center which is just a few miles from the border states that in late July she found officials with chainsaws on the private property without consent.

“Said that they were there on orders from customs and border protection”

After confrontation she states they refused to lay any concrete details as to what they were doing. But a recent visit from border patrol the rio grande valley sector chief Manuel Padilla provided some clarity.

“He did affirm for me that the plan was to put the wall through here. I was outraged and I think any property owner would be.”

We contacted Border patrol to confirm the details. They stated that it is premature to speak about specific locations at this time, but a new map released by us customs and border protection shows it will cut through the park that aims to educate the public about the value of biodiversity. It’s home to more than 12,000 plugs of rare grasses and has been providing a home to the rarest kinds of butterflies for over 15 years.

The construction planning of the wall at the butterfly center has yet to be finalized, however Marianna states that they’re looking into filing a lawsuit.