Falfurrias (KFXV) — Over the weekend, eight people were found dead and 30 others rescued from a big rig trailer parked outside a Wal-Mart in San Antonio.
All of them: Victims of human smuggling.
While the death toll rises at 10, at least a dozen remain in critical condition.
Monday, border patrol agents from the Rio Grande Valley sector, hosting a demonstration.
Brooks County Sheriff, Benny Martinez, says the Falfurrias checkpoint is the main corridor in the nation for human and drug smuggling.
The methods vary but, all of them include endangering the lives of undocumented immigrants who are often times, only sold dreams.
Agents say immigrants are never prepared for the dangerous journey.
The Mexican consulate is working closely with authorities to protect the remaining victims.
Meanwhile, 60-year-old James Bradley– if convicted– will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
New details reveal Bradley was on his way to deliver the trailer in the city of Brownsville.