The U.S. Border patrol opened the doors to their processing center for the first time since the whole border crisis situation started; this is what it looks like for thousands of immigrant children.
The number of unaccompanied children detained at the southern border hit a record high this fiscal year generating an overflow at detention facilities.
Starting Friday, the border patrol will be able to process up to 1,000 unaccompanied minors in a new processing site in McAllen.
The 55,000-square-foot facility is divided into four separate pods that have the capacity to hold about 250 children at a time; these children will be sleeping on foam rubber mats on the floor.
Each pod has an elevated post that allows agents to overlook the children.
Border patrol officials say, ideally children will be at the site for about 72 hours before being turned over to the department of health and human services.
Afterwards, the children could be released to a family member with a notification to appear in immigration court.
The chief patrol agent of the RGV sector says joint efforts have decreased the number of children in custody.
The first group of immigrant children is set to arrive at the new facility on Friday; the site will be manned by 40 border patrol agents.