A new program has been designed to help students prevent being victims of drug traffickers and human smugglers.

“Operation Detour” is an awareness program created by border patrol along with the help from several authorities such as the San Juan Police Department and the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office.

“I just wish some of these teenagers would just change,”

“Either way I did it, I knew something was going to happen, just felt it”.

These young adults are in prison, sentenced to more than 20 years for the crimes they’ve committed and that’s why authorities are making an effort to educate young students to the repercussions of making illegal decisions.

“We recognize young adults have access to social media, they have access to ways to gather information, this is formulated right out us scare straight. We’re going to get right in your face and tell you point blank that they are coming after you, and this is us against them, and we want this young adults to be in the right side of the decisions they need to make after,” explained Customs Border Patrol

The program began today at Economedes High School in Edinburg, and will eventually be shown at every high school across the valley.

Eddie Guerra, Hidalgo County Sheriff
“Anything we can do to persuade the younger generation to make the right choices we’re up for it,” stated Eddie Guerra, Hidalgo County Sheriff

The Rio Grande Valley border patrol sector is positive about the launch of this program and the lasting effects on valley youth.