TEXAS (KFXV) — At the Texas capitol, a bipartisan decision made this week by legislators will change the future of kids in foster care.

One Valley state representative who helped co-author house bills four and five speaks to Fox News about the hundreds of lives that could be saved thanks to changes made to the Department of Family and Protective Services.

In a five-year span close to 800 Texas children died due to a funding shortfall to the Texas Child Welfare System — according to one valley lawmaker.

The law will go into effect in September.

Under House Bill Four, the Department of Family and Protective Services will provide financial assistance to families in need– despite the guardian’s immigration status, an issue that has affected hundreds of children, statewide.

According to the Texas Tribune in 2016, nearly one thousand children considered by the state to be at immediate risk of physical or sexual abuse, were not checked by Child Protective Services due to a lack of resources.

Co-author of House Bills Four and Five, Rene Oliveira says these numbers are disturbing– but also agrees only one agency cannot be held accountable.

Lawmakers hope that the lack of foster homes for abused and neglected children decreases as more family members could become their guardians.