Autopsy Reports Released In Biker-Police Shootout Near Waco, TX

Today we got our first look at how those nine people died in the biker-involved shooting near waco, texas in may.
Autopsies on the victims were released earlier today and may provide some clues about just how things unfolded.
Multiple gunshot wounds, abrasions; hemorrhages.
All detailed in autopsy reports released today.
And while the reports don’t give any clear answers about who shot each of the nine victims, the reports give us the best picture yet of how the shootout unfolded.
A ballistic expert tells us one telling sign is that there’s no gun residue on any victim.
He says this means all of the victims were shot from at least four feet away.
We know there were nearly 200 guns recovered from the scene and officers fired *their* weapons at least 12 times.
The reports note whether the bullets that caused the fatal injuries were small caliber, medium or medium to large.
Medium-sized bullets with metal jackets were found in six of the victims. This ballistics expert believes that indicates it’s more likely they were fired by police.
But Sobiek says the autopsy just the autopsy won’t provide any definitive answers about what happened.
Hunt says with that big of a crime scene there will have to be a lot more information released to the public, before we really know what happened.

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