Auto theft is on the rise in the Rio Grande Valley, and authorities say many stolen vehicles end up on the other side of the border.

A crime that costs thousands of dollars to victims and insurance companies; however there is a way to prevent it.

Police officers say that criminals are on the lookout for vehicles that are unlocked or have bags and electronic devices in plain sight, making them easy targets.

According to Edinburg police officer Balde Gomez, auto theft is prone to happen when the car is left outside a home, sometimes because car garages are used as storage. Leaving your car in a low lit areas can attract criminals.

Arturo Marroquin works in car sales, he assures the best security system are ones that have GPS tracking.

There are also free cell phone applications that allow you to open, lock, turn on and even track the location of your vehicle.

Besides security systems the old fashion club police say is one of the best ways to preventing a break in.