RGV(KFXV) — In recent months,Fox 2 News has reported undocumented immigrants dying due to heat and dehydration. Border Patrol says that if you do see someone struggling, you can help them without consequence.

Authorities collaborate with undocumented immigrants by placing drums filled with bottles of water to make sure they have something to drink.

According to Border Patrol agents, human traffickers increasingly abandon their clients.

However, they say you can help if you see these people in poor health walking in isolated places.

The terrain where the undocumented immigrants travel are high risk, high temperature areas, in semi-desert zones that are not favorable and can cause dehydration.

This woman – who wishes to remain anonymous – says she doesn’t feel secure that she wouldn’t be seen as aiding human traffickers if she decided to help.

The Border Patrol utilizes advanced technology to detect moving bodies and infrared lights to distinguish people from long distances. Additionally, the agency uses elevated balloons with powerful lenses.

With these measures, the Border Patrol wants to end more deaths of undocumented immigrant when they are trapped in the brush.

If you decide to help an undocumented immigrant, U.S. Border Patrol is asking for residents to report the incident.