Five undocumented immigrants are now in police custody following a pursuit spanning across three cities. Yesterday’s chase ended in McAllen without incident… But that’s not always the case.

In 2013 the department of public safety reported a 15 percent increase in these types of incidents. According to authorities the Rio Grande Valley makes 22 percent of vehicle pursuits in all of Texas.

Civilians like Jessica Herrera’s father, who was killed in 2010 after a teenager was trying to flee authorities while transporting immigrants. Despite these incidents, police say safety remains top priority. FBI reports 1 in every hundred pursuits ends in death—the reason why Herrera has joined’ pursuit safety’, a national organization that wants law enforcement to reconsider other methods to stop criminals.

Authorities say if you see a vehicle pursuit in progress, move to the side of the road and under no circumstances try to help because consequences could be worse.