Along the US-Mexico border border patrol agents report assaults on agents have increased dramatically this year.

Assault against border patrol agents are on the rise with a 179% increase since October.

Risks On the Border increase with heavy human and drug trafficking assaults are now more than ever complicating the jobs of agents attacks including the use of weapons in close quarter combat.

“The last couple of weeks we’ve had incidents of rock throwing and of course we’ve had agents with been fired upon from the Mexican side.” – Marlen Castro

Those most likely to be targeted are usually agents is stationed near the Rio Grande.

“We do assign more agents to the area and we have them paired up so we can help each other out.” – Marlen Castro

The relationship with Mexican authorities is important to maintain security for Citizens and officials on both sides of the Border.

“You have smugglers, human and narcotic, that get a little desperate. They want to do what they can to secure their financial gain.” – Marlen Castro

In the past two weeks border patrol agents have been attacked from the Mexican side of the border at least six different times.

The agency asked that anyone who witnesses suspicious activity report it at +1-800-863-9382.