One of two teenagers arrested Monday for leading police on a high-speed pursuit has been linked to a homicide taking place over six months ago. The victim, a 16 year-old with a lengthy criminal background, previously involved in a controversial pursuit with state troopers, a story we first broke on Fox 2.

New details emerge in a homicide case dating back to September, where 16-year-old Carlos Gracia was shot point blank while in a car in rural Mission. The prime suspect, a 15-year old arrested Monday along with 17 year-old Diego Becerra for allegedly fleeing from police while driving a stolen vehicle. Irma Bermudez, the victim’s grandmother spoke to Fox 2 the day Gracia was to be cut-off from life support. Unable to understand what led to the boy’s demise. Gracia was 14 years old when he was first arrested in 2012 for initiating a deadly pursuit with DPS, where a trooper unknowingly shot at immigrants hiding in the bed of the fleeing pickup the teen was driving. A troubled life that somehow he knew would end with gruesome fate.