This would give foreigners from certain countries the ability to be in the country legally.

The applications for the visa lottery will open next Tuesday and will only have a window of one month to apply.
This is an opportunity that could help many people like Ricci who is from one of the qualifying countries.

Ricci, left her home in Honduras when she was 17. She was alone but with hopes to provide her children a better life even if she was in the united states. Being granted a visa would provide her the reunion shes been longing for and now she and many others have the possibility to do so through the diversity immigrant program known as the visa lottery.

Immigration lawyer Alex Martinez explains how you can qualify.

While the countries that have more than 50 thousand immigrants in the United States do not qualify like Mexico El Salvador,
Colombia and others, Martinez tells us there’s still a way to be eligible.

The online application will be available starting Tuesday October 3 until Tuesday November 7. For more information you can visit travel.State.Gov.