This morning another fatal motorcycle accident occurred, taking the life of another male at around 5:48am, Alamo police were called to the  the 1300 block of FM 495 for a two vehicle collision that left one man dead.

The two vehicles involved: a motorcycle that the now deceased male in his mid 30’s was operating and a white mini van that carried a woman and her young child.

This is the second motorcycle accident in three days, on Wednesday 25-year-old Nathan Hargrove was a victim of an incident involving a motorcycle when he collided with another vehicle off of business 83 and Ware Road and lost his life.

It is still unclear if both victims of these accidents were wearing proper safety gear and if they might have been traveling at high speeds which might be factors of these all too common collisions.

As for the woman and her young child involved in the accident, they were both transported to a local hospital for observation.

Her vehicle endured minor damage.

Authorities are still awaiting autopsy results of the victim in this motorcycle accident, his identity will then be released.

And for motorcyclists everywhere, drive at safe speeds and wear proper safety gear when on the road.