Anonymous Tip Leads to Hidalgo County City Employee Arrest

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An anonymous tip prompted the investigation that lead to the arrest of a street level drug dealer.
As part of operation curbside, San Juan police arrested 23-year-old Christian Lee Sanchez, an employee at N. San Juan Park, after witnesses told police he was possibly selling drugs in the area during working hours.
After further investigation and undercover surveillance, investigators observed what appeared to be a transaction between Sanchez and an unidentified male subject.
Sanchez was a park employee contracted by the city for at least two years he is no stranger to the law as he already had a criminal background.
Upon his arrest, police discovered text messages and photographs showing Sanchez were in fact dealing marijuana from his vehicle.
Multiple texts were found asking for drugs at different prices.
Sanchez received two charges for possession of marijuana in a drug free zone and possession of a controlled substance.
The suspect was transported to the Hidalgo County jail on bonds totaling $15,000.

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