ALTON (KFXV) — In Alton, a hostage situation had authorities on alert today.

A man is behind bars tonight, after a beer run escalated into a hostage situation at an Alton convenience store.
The incident happened at a Stripes store located on the 500 block of West Main Avenue.
This is video sent by a FOX viewer, showing the active scene.
As officers arrived, they observed a man who barricaded himself inside the store and held the cashier hostage– with what seemed to be a weapon– while ordering everyone in the establishment, outside.
Alton police attempted to negotiate with the individual however they had to resort to their patrol K-9.
As seen on these images, the subject tried challenging the officers forcing them to go in.
The unidentified man, was taken down and placed in custody.
An unpaid pack of cigarettes were found in his possession.
Further investigation revealed his involvement in a beer run earlier today.
Police say his intentions were a second beer-run but was caught in the middle of it.
The suspect is expected to face charges for unlawful detention and robbery, tomorrow.