Thirty-six million Americans suffer from migraines, some so severe that it hinders their ability to tackle simple daily tasks.

When treatments, medications and procedures don’t work, some patients are turning to what’s considered a controversial treatment in the medical community to find relief.

Plastic surgeons realized brow lift procedures relieved headaches for some patients.

Now the procedure is being called Migraine surgery. Surgeons remove bands of muscle and connective tissue that choke the nerves along the neck to relieve the pressure on patients.

Botox is also injected into trigger points on the skull to relieve migraines.

New guidelines from the American Headache Society consider the controversial migraine treatment a last resort option. Due to its lack of rigorous testing, it is not a suggested treatment or cure at this time.

The AHS revised guidelines also deem prescription pain medications an inappropriate way to treat migraines, because of high risk of opiate dependency.

The CDC reports 3 out of every 4 pain medication overdoses are caused by opiate painkillers. For more information on migraines and the new guidelines, visit