The activists were there all morning in support of the immigrant families crossing the border an issue they say is far from over.

More than 60 thousand children were affected during the humanitarian crisis and although the number of illegal crossers has decreased activist groups say there is still more to be done to protect the families that are coming over.

“The humanitarian crisis is far from over and we are continuing on out journey to help them,” explains Pablo Blanco; caravan participant.

State and local organizations worked hand in hand to create awareness on the many lives that are lost in these borders while attempting to achieve the American dream.

“We need to find a safe way to get all the families because too many lives are being lost,” explains Lupe Paredes, L.U.P.E.
Due to the record breaking numbers of illegal immigrants crossing the border this year there has been an increase in border security with additional border patrol agents and the military presence a presence they say is unnecessary.
“We don’t need the military here it is breaking families,” adds Paredes.
These participants plan to travel in solidarity in a caravan to border cities,
The caravan is fundraising to help the south Texas human rights center create and install water stations in areas where migrants are likely to trek across the desert and get lost while trying to gain entry into the U.S.

It’s important to mention that border patrol statistics show a dramatic decrease of the number of illegal’s being apprehended at the border since this summer.