Abbott To Continue Deploying Troops As Part Of Border Security Plan

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announces his plan to curb the increase of illegal crossings into the United States.

The Governor making it clear, he will take necessary steps, with or without Federal backing.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott released his plan of action on what he will do within the next few months in order to stop the increase in illegal border crossings into the United States, through Texas.

In an official letter sent out from his office, Governor Abbott outlines his actions. These include extending the deployment of the National Guard troops at strategic locations on the border, increasing the number of boats and tactical officers at strategic locations on the Rio Grande River, instructing the department of public safety to increase aerial observation missions, award grants to support the border prosecution unit and re-urge the department of homeland security to increase agents in Texas.

This is in response to what Governor Abbott calls the quote “federal inaction” by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

According to the U.S. border patrol website, the amount of unaccompanied minors has increased in all sectors across the Texas border, including the Rio Grande Valley, where the number doubles from last year to 6,465.

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