Penitas (KFXV) A woman has come forward as one of the victims of two women accused of fraud.

I spoke to a woman who claims she paid thousands of dollars to Briseno Construction but has yet to see her home. This woman who asked to only be referred to as Mrs. Mendoza said her family paid a total of $14,000 to Adelina Briseno and Alejandra Melendez.

We gave her $5000 to begin building the house then we gave her two payments of $4000. The plan was to pay half of the home and that’s exactly what we believe they would do. We never imagined they would commit fraud.

Mendoza said she came across the services offered by Briseno construction through a Facebook page like this one. Her family didn’t think twice about getting in contact with the company to start the process of building a home in Palmview.

I thought it was weird that this was the only paperwork, but she said it was an independent company and they didn’t operate through a bank, and I believed it.

The first payment was made in November of 2014 and back then, the Mendoza family was not suspicious about the outcome. Fast-forward to more than two years later and after not being able to contact the Brisenos, she went to look for an answer in person.

She gave me this note and told me I’ll give you a solution on March 15th and then she wrote her initials.

Both women are facing multiple theft charges after police received several reports of people who paid Briseno Construction to build homes for them but never completed the job. Briseno’s attorney tells Fox they are holding their stance that these cases are civil and not criminal.